About DBi

Doing Business in the USA (DBi) is a comprehensive and integrated service provider platform, covering all aspects and functions required by a business to establish and operate in the USA. Doing Business in the USA (DBi) is aimed at providing integrated, world class expertise in every specialized field that enables companies to avail themselves of the benefits of having a single service provider, all the while ensuring that the very best of specialists in individual domains are compacted and presented to them for faster and seamless coordination during their entire business setup process.

Specialized Services provided by Doing Business in the USA (DBi) include:

  1. Customs and International Trade Attorney
  2. Tax accountant/CPA (compliance)
  3. Commercial real estate broker
  4. Tax Planning
  5. Corporate lawyer
  6. Immigration lawyer
  7. Outsourced CFO
  8. IT
  9. Commercial Insurance
  10. Marketing
  11. Logistics
  12. PEO/Payroll

Doing Business in the USA (DBi) was founded on the idea of providing the client with a hassle free packaged service that was singularly integrated with their business needs, all the while removing the various bottlenecks of having to deal with each specialist and coordinating their schedules and progress individually.

Through DBI, you are enabled with a single point of streamlined information flow for consultation with each specialist directly. We allow businesses to get local expertise, the local network and the opportunity to connect with a team that seamlessly operates together.