Our mission

Our mission is to set up a company in the United States more efficiently, less time consuming and cheaper for our clients.

When setting up a company in the United States there are many rules to oblige to and chances are likely that ultimately you won’t be able to see the wood for the trees. Therefore it would be a good start to find a local partner who can be your guide in setting up a company or new branche of business. But when you start a business you want to invest time in your idea, concept or business. You don’t want to invest time in communicating with different advisors or search for local advisors. We want to provide our clients such service, therefore we started this website.

Setting-up a company in the United States is not difficult or burdensome. If you have the right network of local partners! This website is designed to provide this local United States network. We will help you find excellent local partners to assist you in every aspect. If you prefer full-assistance or just assistance on one specific area, we have united several different independent local offices. Each with their own speciality. From tax advisor to lawyer, from subsidy advisor to relocation advisor. All disciplines conveniently under one roof.

The innovative idea of this website is to offer you a network of advisors you’ll need when setting-up a shop or business in the United States. With this website you will save time and money due to the fact that the DBi advisors work seamlessly together and you don’t have to search for local advisors and communicating with them. We want provide local expertise at local prices to international operating business.

Unburdening the entrepreneur that’s our mission!

DBi offers you full service or just expertise on one area. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. Please use our online contact form, sent us an e-mail or call us.