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Commercial Real Estate refers to land or buildings that are engendered to a profit. The profit can be either from capital gain or from rental income. Commercial Real Estate includes industrial property, office buildings, hotels, medical centers, malls, farm land, retail stores, warehouses, and garages. However, in some of the states, residential properties’ containing more than a certain number of units are counted as commercial property and qualifies for borrowing and tax purposes. Generally, Commercial Real Estate divided into six different categories:

Office Buildings: It includes small office buildings, single-tenant properties, downtown skyscrapers, and everything that falls in between.

Industrial: Usually, Industrial category ranges from small to larger properties to very large industrial properties. The smaller properties are termed as “Flex” or “R&D” properties, the very large ones are often called “Big Box” properties. The type and number of docks are also considered in industrial properties.

Retail/Restaurant: It includes single tenant retail buildings, pad sites on highway frontages, small neighborhood shopping centers, larger centers with grocery store anchor tenants, and so on. It may also include some of the regional and outlet malls.

Multifamily: It includes those high apartment buildings and apartment complexes. A Fourplex or more is generally considered as commercial real estate.

Land: Generally it includes raw, undeveloped, rural land which will be developed in future.

Miscellaneous: It includes all the other non-residential properties such as hospitality, hotel, self-storage developments, medical, and many more.

Unwillingness to pay the commercial real estate agency commission is one of the main reasons that companies choose to forego by being their own leasing agent. However, the fact is agency’s commission hardly costs anything to the company.

With an authentic Commercial Real Estate Agency, you can get access to privileged information and experience and skills at negotiations. It’s not that a business owner couldn’t navigate the process, but you might miss some of the important market information that an agency can supply and that would increase the profits as your business expands. Moreover, with an agency, you can avoid the investment of your significant time to find property, deal progresses, negotiating and re-negotiating terms, organizing inspections, plenty of paperwork, and the making offers.

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