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With her 19 years of experience, Tammy has built Goldstein & Lee, P.C. into one of the most reputable immigration law firms in the United States. Whether clients need assistance and guidance with work visas, EB-5 or E-2 investor issues, complex family-based visa petitions and/or waivers, global visas, I-9 compliance, or other immigration law concerns, Goldstein & Lee, P.C. has the relevant skills and significant experience required. We regularly represent both individuals and employers in a diverse array of industries, including, but not limited to, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and technology.

Immigration to the United States of America has a complex dynamic. The U.S. Constitution permits Congress the exclusive right to legislate everything about immigration. In Title 8 of the United States Code, one can find all the pertinent laws and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). As per the rules, state governments are not permitted to enact immigration laws.

Three federal agencies are responsible for enforcing and administering immigration laws:

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): responsible for investigating those who break the law and prosecuting offenders.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS): responsible for handling various applications for legal immigration.
  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP): responsible for keeping the U.S. borders secure.

The abovementioned agencies are part of the Department of Homeland Security. Generally, foreign individuals apply for permission to come to the United States via visa approval process. The visa can be for two different purposes: Immigrant visas and Non-immigrant visas. Immigrant Visas are for those who wish to stay in the United States indefinitely, while Non-Immigrant Visas are for tourists, students, and business professionals who are in the country temporarily.

At Goldstein & Lee, P.C., we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of these agencies and our in-depth knowledge of immigration law. Throughout our years of service, we have developed specialized relationships and contacts in order to provide our clients with the best possible services. Our professionals draw upon several years of direct legal industry experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients’ success. As a leading immigration law firm, Goldstein & Lee, P.C. aims to represent and assist various businesses, individuals, and families in a proficient manner.